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Smart, Cost-Effective IT Risk Management Began by Thinking Like Customers.


Technology can be complicated and even painful. When IT breaks, and it will, you’re either prepared for it or a victim of it. With over 30 years combined experience, we’ve elevated IT Risk Management to give you all of technology’s benefits – without headaches. Our promise is to free up your time and to handle it all for you. And to us, a promise made is a promise kept.


We manage your IT risk, you take care of business

Running a business is challenging, time-consuming and demanding – and that’s when all systems are performing as they should. When tech misbehaves and you are plunged into crisis mode, the last thing you need is for your business to grind to a halt. At moments like this, you’re unable to focus on what you do best. Your sole priority is surviving it, somehow getting it fixed (hopefully sooner rather than later), and this is not how it should be.

Beyond the obvious choices, we have a better idea

In a crisis, you see two choices; neither one is ideal. First, the false economy doing-it-yourself trap. This costs you time, money and gambles on you figuring it all out. Second, and this is an even bigger gamble, trusting a ‘Break/Fix’ guy. He fits you in when he can and you hope he’s up to the task. Our better idea is proven by nearly two decades of successful performance for businesses of all sizes.

IT Risk Management: Smart, Preventive Protection

Technology is constantly evolving and it’s both a blessing and a curse. Doing more faster is hard to argue with, but it comes at a cost. What’s sold as Plug ‘n Play is too often Plug ‘n Pray, and there’s no substitute for skilled, experienced technicians in a crisis. Even better is SiteSupport proactively managing your IT risk to prevent avoidable problems and quickly resolve unavoidable ones.

In an IT Crisis, your business is at risk. No longer

Increasingly in today’s digital world, when your systems are down, you’re out of business. Endangered are not only today’s sales, but the future. It rattles your team and customers understand–but only to a point. Many will do whatever they have to do, including finding a new source. Others, their confidence in you shaken, may look for another provider even after your systems are back up and running.

Custom Top-Down services for your specific needs

There is no one-size-fits-all, so forget cookie cutter. We do it all, but tailor our plans to your budget and requirements. We factor in your industry and needs, the complexity of your business, your desired level of support and provide you with the protection you need at an affordable monthly fee. Monitoring services can include over a dozen 24/7 checks, ten daily safety checks, email and network checks, and a host of automated tasks to clean, protect and optimize system performance.

Transparency designed to keep you fully informed

You won’t guess or wonder what we’re doing, you’ll know. Our techs are trained, experienced, proactive and we’re staffed for rapid response that will get it right the first time. This means all updates are performed correctly, on-time, and without you having to stop what you’re doing to figure it out. You won’t miss jumping through those hoops–we handle it so you don’t have to.

A 5-Step Battle-Tested, performance proven process

We begin with an Assessment that audits your current IT systems. Next, we Review our findings to make smart recommendations. Planning follows to design a customized service plan aligned with your business and industry. Now you’re no longer alone with available 24/7 Support from Site Support. Finally, and setting us apart, as part of our ongoing process we Repeat the cycle again and again to protect and ensure your future.